Radiant Heating

Experience The Warmth of Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating isn’t just a way to heat your home; it’s a lifestyle transformation. Unlike traditional heating systems that blow warm air throughout your home, radiant heating provides a seamless, efficient warmth underfoot, ensuring that every corner of your living space is embraced by cozy comfort.

Reasons to Consider Radiant Heating For Your Home

Unlike traditional heating systems that circulate air to warm a space, radiant heating directly transfers heat to objects and people within a room, providing an even and comfortable warmth. Whether you’re building a new home or thinking of updating your current heating system, there are several compelling reasons to consider radiant heating.

From its energy efficiency to the luxurious comfort it offers, radiant heating presents a modern and effective solution for your home’s thermal needs. Read on to delve deeper into the benefits and understand why it might be the right choice for you.

Proudly Installing Uponor Products

Uponor’s Ecoflex is a versatile pre-insulated PEX piping system for heating, cooling, and water applications. It features high-quality PEX-foam insulation for superior heat retention and flexibility.

The non-bonded, multi-layer foam allows for easy connections and a tight bend radius. Ecoflex reduces installation time by up to 60% compared to rigid systems, thanks to its flexible, long coil lengths. Additionally, Uponor offers customization options and installation support for Ecoflex systems.

Uponor Quick Trak offers several benefits, including efficient heating, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. Compared to other products like Thermalboard and Viega Climate Panel, Quick Trak stands out for its lower operating costs and simpler installation process. Additionally, Quick Trak provides effective radiant heat distribution, making it a popular choice for heating systems

Uponor HePEX tubing is a type of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe that is used for hydronic heating and cooling systems. It is a durable and cost-effective solution for transporting water to terminal units such as chilled beams, fan coil units, and baseboard radiators. Uponor HePEX is designed to be an economical alternative to metal pipe, as it does not pit, scale, or corrode. The tubing is available in sizes up to 4 inches and is backed by a 25-year warranty on the pipe and ProPEX fittings.

The tubing features an oxygen-barrier layer that protects ferrous components in the system and is suitable for use in plenum applications when used with Uponor’s suspended piping assembly. The ProPEX expansion fittings, which are available in sizes up to 3 inches, and WIPEX fittings, available in sizes from 1 inch to 4 inches, offer faster installations compared to traditional methods.

Uponor HePEX has similar flow characteristics to other distribution pipes and is rated for continuous operating temperatures and pressures of 200°F at 80 psi, 180°F at 100 psi, and 73.4°F at 160 psi. It also has a high short-term temperature-pressure capacity of 210°F at 150 psi for up to 720 hours. The tubing has been tested to burst at pressures nearly twice the requirement of ASTM F876 at room temperature and three times higher than the ASTM requirements at 200°F.

Installation guidelines for Uponor PEX piping systems include not storing the piping outdoors, keeping it in original packaging until installation, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods, and not using or storing the piping where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for more than one month (for Uponor AquaPEX White or Wirsbo hePEX) or six months (for Uponor AquaPEX Red or Blue). The piping should not be used where temperatures and pressures exceed its ratings, and it should not be used to convey natural gas or as an electrical ground. It is also important to protect the pipe from UV light, chemicals, and physical impacts.

Uponor PEX systems are designed to be a clean, non-toxic, and extremely durable option for plumbing, offering benefits such as corrosion resistance, better freeze resistance, fewer connections for fewer potential leak points, and a 25-year limited warranty. Uponor AquaPEX tubing for drinking water applications is held to high standards and has been tested and approved for potable-water applications by various international agencies.

The Uponor FAQ section also highlights that Uponor PEX systems use the ProPEX connection method, which creates a strong connection that holds tight with up to 1,000 pounds of radial force. The connection is made with an expansion tool and an expansion ring, which cannot be dry fitted. Uponor PEX is not a traded commodity, which provides stable pricing and helps avoid theft on job sites that often happens with copper. The FAQ also notes that Uponor PEX has undergone decades of rigorous testing and has not experienced any breakdown or failure in continuous hydrostatic tests at extreme temperatures and pressures.

Uponor offers a range of radiant heating manifolds designed for various applications in both residential and commercial settings. These manifolds are central components in radiant heating and cooling systems, distributing heated or cooled water through a network of pipes embedded in floors, walls, or ceilings.

Uponor Vario Manifolds

Uponor Vario manifolds are available in both stainless steel and glass fibre reinforced polyamide materials. They are designed to be high-quality and suitable for all radiant heating and cooling applications. The manifolds come in different models, each with specific features:

  • Vario S FM: A stainless steel manifold for easy and cost-efficient installation, suitable for large heating/cooling areas, with options ranging from 2-16 heating circuits.
  • Vario S LS: A stainless steel manifold known for its high reliability, also suitable for large heating/cooling areas, with options ranging from 2-16 heating circuits.
  • Vario S DFC: A stainless steel manifold designed for the most demanding applications, featuring Dynamic Flow Control to maintain set flow levels through the loops, with options ranging from 2-12 heating circuits.
  • Vario M: A plastic manifold for quick installation, pre-assembled with 2-15 heating circuits, and suitable for large heating/cooling areas.
  • Vario PLUS: A modular plastic manifold that can be supplied with or without a flow indicator, available with 1, 3, 4, and 6 loops.

Features and Benefits

  • Material Options: Stainless steel for durability and glass fibre reinforced polyamide for a lightweight and modular design.
  • Flow Meters: Included in some models to measure the flow rate, which is essential for balancing the system.
  • Loop and Header Pitch: Typically, a 50 mm loop pitch and a 225 mm header pitch are standard, allowing for consistent spacing between circuits.
  • Compact Installation: These manifolds can be combined with pump groups, differential pressure regulators, and metering sets in Uponor distribution cabinets for a compact installation.
  • Radiant Heating and Cooling: Suitable for both heating and cooling, providing a comfortable temperature all year round.

Installation Considerations

  • Manifold Positioning: It is possible to install the manifold upside down if necessary, although this can make venting and purging more difficult. However, if actuators are used, they should not be mounted upside down to avoid potential issues with leaks.
  • Accessibility: Manifolds should be installed in an accessible location for servicing, and while upside-down installation is technically possible, it may not appear as neat or professional.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

Radiant heating and cooling systems are energy-efficient due to their low operating water temperatures and are suitable for use with renewable energy sources. This can lead to reduced primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Uponor radiant heating and cooling systems can be used in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. They are particularly effective in large heating/cooling areas.

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Gas Condensing Boilers – High-Efficiency Heating

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Experience top-notch efficiency and clean heating with our Vitodens and Vitocrossal series. Our state-of-the-art condensing technology not only cuts your heating costs but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Enjoy a seamless blend of quality, innovation, and savings. Whether it’s for your home or business, our boilers offer unmatched reliability and performance, coupled with intuitive controls for ease of use.

Upgrade to Viessmann today for smart, sustainable heating solutions that promise long-term reliability and environmental stewardship.

Proudly Offering Viessmann Boilers

Discover the future of home heating with Viessmann’s Vitodens series

Hydrotech is proud to install the latest Vitodens 100-W and 200-W gas condensing boilers. These boilers are a blend of innovation and efficiency, tailored for comfort and sustainability. Enjoy significant cost savings and enhanced home efficiency with our quieter, yet more powerful systems. 

Stay connected and in control with our ViCare App, ensuring comfort and security wherever you are. Elevate your home’s heating experience with Viessmann today – reliable, futuristic, and designed for your peace of mind.

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Benefits of Radiant Heating

Traditional heating systems can create hot and cold spots throughout your home, leaving you constantly adjusting the thermostat. Radiant heating from Hydrotech offers a solution to this inconsistency. With our state-of-the-art systems, heat is evenly distributed from the ground up, creating a consistent temperature throughout. Say goodbye to cold toes in the morning and hello to a home that envelops you in consistent, luxurious warmth.

Radiant heating systems designed and installed by Hydrotech are not only a boon for your comfort but also for your wallet. By directly heating surfaces rather than circulating air, these systems often use less energy, leading to noticeable reductions in monthly utility bills. Plus, with fewer moving parts than forced-air systems, maintenance costs and potential repair needs are minimized, ensuring an investment that pays off in the long run.

One of the less obvious but equally significant benefits of radiant heating is the positive impact it can have on indoor air quality. Traditional systems can stir up and circulate dust, allergens, and other airborne particles. In contrast, radiant heating designed by Hydrotech is a silent performer that keeps the air in your home cleaner and fresher. For families with allergy sufferers or those who prioritize a healthier living environment, this is a game-changer.

Investing in a radiant heating system isn’t just about heating your home—it’s about elevating your living experience. Embrace a warmer, more efficient, and healthier home today.

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